the business triangle that inflated Watford

ROME – The Italian state has a team in the Premier League. without its expertise. The Spanish state has one too. The main characteristic is that the team is an identical: Watford soccer membership. it will probably seem like a joke, but there are as a minimum two magistrates in Europe who are not laughing: Prosecutors Antonio De Nicolo, Udine, and José de la Mata, Madrid. Two inquiries were opened for ages in regards to the same discipline: ‘The Pozzo system’.

El triangulo mercantìlThe Spanish prosecutor for Juzgado important de Instrucciòn numero 5, in charge of financial violations, offered us with an explanation. “the thing of the investigations are the alleged irregularities dedicated through Gino Pozzo and Enrique Pina Campuzano, by using each the companies and football golf equipment linked to them.” namely, Udinese, Watford situs judi bola and, unless 2016, Granada. Three teams, three championships, one enjoyable system. Gino, the son of Udinese’s buyer, Giampaolo Pozzo, is accused of fiscal fraud in Italy and Spain. Pina Campuzano, arrested one month ago, is the previous president of Granada and is suspected of fiscal evasion and funds laundering. in line with preliminary papers examined by means of Repubblica, the three clubs kind a triangulo mercantìl. “Revenues generated by means of the sale of avid gamers are systematically distracted from the tax authorities of the respective nations and end up in a Luxembourg keeping known as Fifteen Securitization.”

based on the Spanish business register, there aren’t any monetary statements for 2015. “Fifteen is in flip linked to 2 other holdings within the equal fiscal paradise: Gesapar and Kalmuna – the real house owners of Udinese soccer membership. both are managed by way of Gino Pozzo.” So, Gesapar and Kalmuna. now not just any two groups. Giampaolo Pozzo has just 1.56% of Gesapar, whilst Gino has 0.1%. “In his ebook Fuori Gioco, Espresso journalist Gianfrancesco Turano writes that the first directors of Gesapar are the trustees Giuseppe Volpi, Switzerland, and Jean Faber, Luxemburg, representatives of Sergio Cusani for the monies of the massive Enimont bribe transferred to the Banque Internationale in Luxemburg.”

Operation WatfordItalian and Spanish investigators agree on the purpose of the triangulo mercantíl, built on a galaxy of corporations and chinese nesting packing containers, a few of which can be found in offshore countries. collecting capital from Udine and Granada, hiding it from inland profits and pumping it into the Watford vaults. “because of Premier League tv rights it’s the Goose that laid the golden egg for the Pozzo gadget,” a economic professional says.

We should initiate a parenthesis here: the rights of the English collection A are very positive. just suppose that ultimate season Sunderland, last in the standings, received £ ninety three million: on the trade fee, greater than Juventus, champion of Italy, took. within the identical season, Watford accrued £102 million. The Pozzo family bought Watford in 2012, when it changed into barely unknown within the Championship, The English sequence B.

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