a statement from Rcs game – The Giro d’Italia and the Contador case

Milan, February eight, 2012 – Rcs sport, the organisers of the Giro d’Italia, acknowledge the decisionof the courtroom of Arbitration for game concerning Alberto Contador. youngsters we suppose it is critical tohighlight how the time taken to attain daftar poker a last verdict has affected hobbies like the Giro d’Italia, heldso long after the inaugurate of the case.

We hope that in future, the judicial process will make sure that the Giro d’Italia not ever has to face asimilar situation out of admire for its lovers and the riders who compete in its races.

Rcs recreation and the Giro d’Italia will continue their strict programme of anti-doping controls and thedevelopment of preventative action and training programmes to continue the fight against doping.

RCS activity biking Press office RIPRODUZIONE RISERVATA

earlier than the evacuation and the failure to drop anchorThe first cell dialog with Mr Ferrarini was at 10.05 pm. It was adopted via two greater calls earlier than the order to abandon ship arrived at 10.58 pm. What happened within the intervening hour? Why became so plenty valuable time wasted? Captain Schettino plays down what happened but become he invited to be cautious and never to originate a misery name that might have had severe consequences, each financial and when it comes to the long run ownership of the vessel? Roberto Ferrarini will must explain this, in view of the statements by means of the other officers who had been with Captain Schettino and could hear his phone calls. an extra unbelievable element that the captain needed to admit the previous day will also have to be taken into account. at the start, Captain Schettino observed he had dropped anchor after colliding with the reef. but a film made with the aid of economic cops who arrived on the scene simply ten minutes after the disaster demonstrates that here is not authentic. The 40-minute video, which has been protected in the case file, shows that Captain Schettino didn’t cease the Concordia, as he claimed in his communications to prove that the vessel turned into still upright. The sound of the anchors being diminished can be heard lengthy after his assurances. Did he come to a decision to do this on his own or did somebody instantaneous him? the day prior to this, Captain Schettino admitted to magistrates that he had lied on this aspect however he become vague about his contacts with Costa headquarters: “i will’t even be aware whether I referred to as them or they called me”. The cellphone facts will clear this up. after which Costa executives could have just a few greater questions to reply.

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